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  History of Citroën    

History of Citroën: 1940
June the 3rd, the Quai de Javel plant is bombed.
In the Rue du Théâtre in Paris, Citroën's ingineers hide the 2CV prototype parts that escape the bombing.
Citroën's Belgian plant is partially destroyed.
Production gradually falls, owing to circumstances and the opposition of the management to the demands of the occupying power.

History of CitroŽnHistory of Citroën: 1941History of CitroŽn
Citroën's design office is working on alternative fuels like alcohol, gas and electricity to offset the impact of petrol rationing.

History of Citroën: 1943
In September, the Javel plant is bombed : 282 machines are damaged, of which 33 are beyond repair.

History of Citroën: 1944
The Javel plant is bombed.
The company graduallygets back onto its feet. Owning to the lack of electricity - or any other source of energy - to run the plant, Citroën workers and othersin the Paris region set to work to repair the roads, railways and electricity lines.
The first Citroën truck leave the Javel plant on 6 November.

History of Citroën: 1945
Production totals 13,4 % of pre-war levels.

History of Citroën: 1946
Half of the vehicles produced are commercial vehicles.

History of Citroën: 1947History of CitroŽn
Citroën founds an Argentinean subsidiary - Sivara - in Buenos Aires. In 1951 it becomes "Automobiles Citroën SRL".
Another subsidiary is founded in Stockholm (Sweden), Automobiles Citroën Aktiebolag.
77 % of the production is exported owing to national economic difficulties.
Early experiments in job enhancement are organized at the Levallois plant, with the introduction of individual workstations for engine assembly.

History of CitroŽnHistory of Citroën: 1948
A cutting-shop comes into operation outside Paris at a plant in Asnières, purchased from Automobiles Laffly.
The Levallois plant bought by Citroën in 1929 becomes the home of the 2CV. It is the only Citroën facility to contain both a body shop and a large mechanical assembly area.