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  History of Citroën    

History of Citroën: 2000History of CitroŽn
All Citroën branches in France gain Iso 9002 certification. In November, the Marque gains Iso 9001 version 2000 certification for all its activities, a first in automotive history.
Citroën builds a heritage centre in Aulnay. These premises of 6,700 m2, which are not open to the public, house almost 300 vintage cars and concept cars.
The DS comes third in the Car of the Century competition organised in Las Vegas. Citroën was the only carmaker to have three vehicles nominated in the semi-finals: the Traction Avant, the 2 CV and the DS. The DS is placed behind the Ford T and the Mini and in front of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Porsche 911.

History of CitroŽnHistory of Citroën: 2001
Citroën moves its head office to Colisée III, rue Fructidor, in the 17th district of Paris. The Marque already has its training centre here, as well as a branch outlet. The reception hall features a display area for the Marque's vehicles.
After beating its own sales record for the third year running, the Marque made further progress in the first half of 2001. Over this period, Citroën sold 652,000 vehicles around the world an increase of 9.8% compared with the first months of 2000. Growth was evenly distributed across all markets. In the first five months of 2001, vehicles equipped with diesel engines account for 57% of new Citroën registrations in Western Europe. The HDi engines are still the focus of strong customer demand, owing to their quality and their performance in terms of driving pleasure, fuel economy and environmental protection.
The main event in 2001 is Citroën's return to the World Rally Championship with the Xsara WRC, which is to take part in four events.

History of Citroën: 2002History of CitroŽn
In 2002, for the sixth year running, Citroën breaks its all-time world record, with sales of 1.312.000 vehicles, up 6,3% compared with 2001. In western Europe, on a market down 3%, Sales increase by 1% to 1.083.000 units. International PC/LCV penetration reaches 14% compared with 13,8% in 2001.
The "Automobile Magasine" awards its Innovation Trophy to the C3 Pluriel.
For French people, the 2CV is the car of the 20th century. The French Post Office issuesa commemorative stamp featuring this vehicle.
The "Automobile Magasine" awards its trophy for new sporting talent to Sébastien Loeb.

History of CitroŽnHistory of Citroën: 2003
Citroën is certifided ISO 9001 compliant for the third year running. Yhe quest of quality is all-embracing-witnessthe programmes organised for the past four years in the commercial networks (subsidiaries, importers and sales outlets).
C3 is enjoying a highly successful international career. It is voted "Car of the Year 2003" in Croatia and Denmark, and "Imported Car of the Year 2002" in Japan. It also wins the "Auto Europea 2003" prize awarded by Italian motoring journalists as well as the "Autobest 2003" trophy from nine central European countries.
Citroën wins the Worls Rally Championship with its Xsara WRCs.

History of Citroën: 2004History of CitroŽn
Citroën claims the World Rally Championship manufacturers for the second year running, several months before the endof the season at the Tour de Corse in Corsica. At the same time, Sébastien Loeb clinches his first WRC Drivers title.
The spanish newspaper ďABCĒ selects the Citroën C2 as 'Car of the Year 2004'.

History of CitroŽnHistory of Citroën: 2005
Fiftieth anniversary of the Citroën DS.
Sébastien Loeb and Citroën win the WRC 'Drivers' and 'Manufacturers' titles.
Citroën is a partner at the Venice Mostra, where it presents a humanitarian initiative for UNICEF and water management.