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Models of Citroën: 1990Models of CitroŽn
The Citroën XM is voted "Car of the Year 1990", winning 14 national and international awards.
The last ever 2CV leaves the production line on July 27.
At the Paris Motor Show, Citroën unveils two new versions of the BX - the BX 4x4 Diesel, and the BX 4x4 Evasion Diesel with permanent integral transmission. The two models are powered by a 4-cylinder 1,905 cm 3 diesel engine generating 71 bhp at 4.600 rpm with 12.5 mkg torque at 2,000 rpm.
The star, however, is the Activa 2, an operational prototype fitted with a 3-litre V6.24 engine capable of generating 200 bhp, and with an automatic 4-speed gear box, an active antiroll system and multi-function VDU.

Models of Citroën: 1991
In March the Citroën ZX arrives in the showroom as a "Collection" of 4 models, each with its own characteristics and identity. Reflex, Avantage, Aura and Volcane are aimed at four different types of customer. The collection comprises four 4-cylinder petrol engines (60 bhp at 5,800 rpm, 75 bhp at 5,800 rpm, 89 bhp at 6,400 rpm and 130 bhp at 6,000 rpm), which can easily be adapted to meet the increasingly strict standards in force in a number of countries. Positioned between the AX and the BX, this fourth family of cars completes Citroën's general range and spearheads the manufacturer's drive to conquer the middle-of-the-range car market (M1).
Models of CitroŽn
Restyled and extended, the new Citroën AX New Generation range comprises no fewer than 28 different models to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding customer base. Key features include a new, more curved chassis, a completely redesigned interior (new-look dashboard), new engines and twoModels of CitroŽn new models, the GTI and the 4x4.

The Frankfurt Motor Show unveils two world firsts: the Citroën ZX Diesel and the Citroën XM Estate.

Models of Citroën: 1992
The Citroën ZX receives two new international awards in February: the Gold Medal from the French Automobile Press Association and t
he Auto Europa award from the Italian Association of Automobile Journalists. The awards are presented in Milan to Bernard Roché, Associate Managing Director of Citroën Automobiles.
Models of CitroŽnIn March, four new Citroën ZX models arrive in the showroom. All have ZF 4-speed automatic gearboxes. Two are petrol models (the Citroën ZX Volcane, 1,905 cm 3 engine, 122 bhp and the Citroën ZX Aura, 1,580 cm 3 engine, 89 bhp) and two are diesel models (the Citroën ZX Aura and the Citroën ZX Avantage, 1,905 cm 3 engine, 71 bhp). The Citroën ZX Collection now comprises fourteen models.
On December 16, at a special press conference in Paris for 350 journalists from France and other countries, Jacques Calvet, Chairman of Automobiles Citroën gives a special preview of the Xantia. The new 5-door saloon, to be marketed in March 1993, is the fruit of the partnership between Citroën and Bertone.

Models of Citroën: 1993Models of CitroŽn
On 1 March, the Xantia arrives in the showrooms. The 4.40 m, 5-door saloon is the fruit of the partnership between the Citroën and Bertone styling centres. All of Citroën's technological culture went into the design of the Xantia, which combines sheer driving pleasure with a powerful active safety system called Hydractive 2.
The young and attractive AX Audace goes on sale at the end of April with 8,500 vehicles arriving in the showrooms. Available in a range of bright and unusual colours, this modern and innovative product is excellent value for money with a 954 cm 3 engine, three or five doors, a 5-speed gearbox, tinted windows and wide tyres.
The Hydractive 2 suspension system is adopted on the Citroën XM. The new system switches automatically from one suspension mode to the other ("normal" to "sport"). The entire XM range is now fitted with one-touch driver's side automatic windows, perimetric and volumetric alarm systems and coded engine immobilizers. The XM range comprises 31 models.
In the range of utility vehicles, the C15 is equipped with radio pre-equipment (600 kg and 675 kg versions), front headrests (475 kg version) and a defrosting function on the two-panel rear doors (C15 RE and RD family versions). Tinted windows are optional on the family version. The 1,400 and 1,800 kg versions of the C25 receive power steering, while the 1,000 and 1,400 kg versions are fitted with a sliding side door as a standard feature.
Production of the BX ends in December.

Models of CitroŽnModels of Citroën: 1994
Between 14 and 23 February, Citroën presents the Jumper at the Geneva Utility Vehicles Show. Born of an industrial cooperation agreement between Fiat, Automobiles Peugeot and Automobiles Citroën, the Jumper has a number of attractive features (good looks, new petrol and diesel powerplants, new gearboxes). The new vehicle, which falls into the medium and heavy van segment (2.7 t to 3.5 t), arrives in the showrooms on 17 February.
The Citroën ZX Estate also goes on sale in February following its presentation at the Bologna Motor Show. The ZX's key features are looks, roominess and excellent handling. The new vehicle is available in two levels of trim: Flash and Fugue. The new model rounds off the range of ZX saloon cars of unanimously acknowledged qualities.
The Citroën Evasion is presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The fruit of a detailed study of customer expectations, the new people-carrier offers all the qualities of a top-range saloon in terms of driving pleasure, comfort, roadholding and safety. The range comprises two petrol engines: 2.0i (1,998 cm 3 developing 123 bhp) and the 2.0i Turbo CT (1,998 cm 3 developing 150 bhp); and three levels of trim: X, SX and VSX.
Citroën launches the Xantia Activa, the first car to take corners on the level thanks to its revolutionary SC.CAR roll limitation system. The Activa offers a number of features not found on the Xantia 16V: driver's airbag, electric rear window lift and broader back rests at the front.

Models of Citroën: 1995Models of CitroŽn
Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Xantia Estate arrives in the showrooms in June. The new vehicle offers a host of attractions with its flowing, aerodynamic lines and stylish interior, boot volume of 1,690 dm 3 , three real seats at the back, hydraulic or hydractive suspension and generous length (22 cm longer than the saloon version). The Xantia Estate is available with a petrol or diesel engine (1.8i, 2.0i 16V, 2.0i Turbo CT and 1.9 Turbo D with X, SX and VSX trim. Moreover, the Xantia itself gains four new engines: a turbocharged diesel (2.1 Turbo D), two multi-valve petrol engines (1.8i 16V and 2.0i 16V) and a third supercharged engine (2.0i Turbo CT).

In September, Citroën and Microsoft sign an agreement to develop the concept of mobile offices, and conduct trials using two prototypes based on the Evasion. The vehicle interior is equipped with a table for seating three or four people, a Siemens S3 portable phone and a Siemens Nixdorf PC running under Windows 95.
At the Transport Show in September, Citroën fields one of the broadest ranges of utility vehicles in the world. The marque unveils the Jumpy, which is scheduled to arrive in showrooms in October. Born of an industrial cooperation agreement between Fiat Auto, Automobiles Peugeot and Automobiles Citroën, the Jumpy is compact, functional and versatile. Offering a payload of 815 kg and a useful volume of 4 m 3 , the Jumpy is available in four versions: panel van, window van, combi and flatbed truck. All versions are available with three engines: 1.6i petrol, 1.9 diesel and 1.9 turbo diesel.
To prepare for the launch of the Citroën Saxo, unveiled to the press on 21 November prior to its launch in February 1996, the Rennes-la Janais plant announces in December that it will take over production of the ZX Estate. The move leaves the Aulnay plant free to focus on the new Saxo.

Models of Citroën: 1996
At the Geneva Motor Show between 7 and 17 March, Citroën takes a 853 m2 display area to show the Saxo to the world. All seven Saxo models - VTS, SX, VSX, VTL and VTR - are on show, with a Saxo Cup in the middle. The cars are surrounded by the range's four engines: 1.1i, 1.4i, 1.6i and 120 bhp.
Models of CitroŽn
With its innovative styling and equipment, the Berlingo bears a close resemblance to a saloon or people-carrier: airbags, seatbelts with pyrotechnic pretensioners, ABS, etc. Eminently robust and practical, the Berlingo is a front-wheel drive vehicle with four independent wheels. It is 4.11 m long, with a useful volume of 3 m 3 and a payload of 800 kg. The Berlingo is available with two petrol engines (1,124 cm 3 , 60 bhp, 1,360 cm 3 , 75 bhp) and two diesel engines (1,769 cm 3 , 60.5 bhp, 1,905 cm 3 , 71 bhp). The Berlingo is produced at the Citroën plant in Vigo, Spain, which turns out more than 100,000 units annually.

Models of Citroën: 1997
The Open-Top Berlingo Multispace makes its market debut with a choice of two petrol engines (1.4i and 1.8i) and one diesel(1.9D). In June, Citroën launches the Xantia LPG in France. Based on the Xantia 1.8l 16-valve Tentation, the new Xantia is the first petrol/LPG bi-fuel offering from a carmaker.
On 11 September, Citroën launches the Xsara, a vehicle created by Citroën's Creative Styling Centre in Vélizy. Designed to meet the requirements of European customers in terms of space, modular design and on-board equipment, the Xsara aims to be the first in a new generation of "top-market" vehicles in the mid-range segment.
Citroën launches a restyled version of the Xantia in December. The body lines are modified with a new grille, while the sophisticated interior combines elegance with a wealth of active and passive safety features.

Models of CitroŽnModels of Citroën: 1998
In January, Citroën releases the Xsara coupé, which, like the rest of the range, comes in three levels of trim: X, SX and Exclusive. Five petrol engines are on offer, ranging from 1.4i 75 bhp to 2.0i 16V 16 7bhp. Two diesel powerplants are available (1.9 D 68 bhp and 90 bhp).Models of CitroŽn
Citroën's M1 segment offering expands with the arrival of the Xsara Estate in March. Its main characteristics are a vast loading volume and all-round adaptability. A dual-fuel (petrol/LPG) system available on both saloon and estate models illustrates Citroën's determination to reconcile the car with environmental protection.
Citroën looks to the future with the C3 concept car. Designed by Citroën's Creative Styling Centre, the C3 offers innovative and multi-purpose architecture in terms of functions and interior layout. It is a B-segment saloon with four symmetrically op-ening side doors, a sunroof made of glass strips and a rear hatch that opens "portfolio" style.
The Paris Motor Show celebrates its 100th anniversary in October.Citroën unveils the Xsara Picasso.

Models of CitroŽnModels of Citroën: 1999
Au salon de Francfort, présentation au public de Xsara Windows CE, Xsara Picasso, et du démonstrateur Pluriel
The HDi engine, more economical and cleaner than its predecessors, is gradually extended to the rest of the range.
Models of CitroŽn
September, the new Saxo is launched after an output of 878,000 models. It features a more strongly curved bonnet, clear-lens headlamps, more prominent chevrons on the radiator grille, new running gear, increased passive safety and improved comfort.
December sees the commercial launch of the Xsara Picasso. The new people carrier combines the qualities of several automotive families: the elegance and performance of a saloon with the space, friendly design and versatility of a people-carrier.