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  Models of Citroën    

Models of Citroën: 2000Models of CitroŽn
The Jumpy (Dispatch) HDi arrives on the market in February, featuring the high-pressure direct-injection common rail engine. A choice of two engines is available: a new 2.0 HDi, 95 bhp, 69 kW, 4,000 rpm, and 2.0 HDi 110 bhp, 80 kW, 4,000 rpm, 1,997 cm 3 .
The Xsara Picasso becomes the first people-carrier to win the ďFamily Car of the Year PrizeĒ in the Netherlands.
The restyled Xsara makes its appearance. The new exterior design features new headlamps with built-in fog lamps, reprofiled bumpers, and body coloured bumpers and mouldings on the VTR, VTS and Exclusive trim models. With respect to technical features, the restyled Xsara gains new petrol engines: 1.6i 16V (110 bhp) 5-speed and automatic, 2.0i 16V (137 bhp), 5-speed and automatic gearbox, 15-inch tyres on all models, variable assistance power steering, ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution and a cluster of new functions made possible by the use of multiplex electrics.

Models of CitroŽnModels of Citroën: 2001
The Citroën C5 makes its market debut with a campaign focusing on technology for the customer. The new vehicle features HDi engines and a particulate filter on the 2.2 HDi. A vehicle of unusual proportions, the C5 offers a reassuring view of the road and superlative standards of comfort. Models of CitroŽn
Spring sees the launch of the C5 Estate, which enjoys a warm welcome.
The Xsara HDi 110 bhp arrives in the show-rooms.
The friendly, functional versatile Berlingo gains a new TU5JP4 engine: 1,587 cm3, 4 valves per cylinder, 110 bhp at 5,750 rpm, maximum torque of 147 bhp at 4,000 rpm, combined with a reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.
C3 unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2001.

Models of CitroŽnModels of Citroën: 2002
The C3 begins its world conquest in April.
The new Berlingo clearly states its multi-faceted personality and its roleas a family and leisure vehicle. Looking beyond the major styling upgrades, it offers a range of features and equipment that are designed to meetcustomer requirements (equipment pack, Modutop, etc.). To maintain superlative levels of comfort and roadholding, a number of changes have been made to the suspension, brakes and steering.
The C5 family is joined by the new 1.8i 16V petrol engine and the 2.0 HDi Diesel engine.
Sales of the Xsara Picasso continue to increase, with a total of 251.000 sales in 2002, up 9% on 2001.
Launch of the new high-spec Citroën C8.

Models of Citroën: 2003Models of CitroŽn
In 2003, the Xsara Picasso range gets a new 137 bhp 2.0i 16V model with an automatic auto-adaptative sequentially controlled gearbox.
The C8 range adds a new, high-end version with a V6 208 bhp petrol engine with an automatic auto-adaptative sequentially controlled gearbox.
The Xsara range evolves, with new internal and external styling and a new 70 bhp 1.4 HDi engine fit.
Launch of the C2

Models of CitroŽnModels of Citroën: 2004
Citroën lauches the C3 X-TR, a leisure oriented vehicle.
Presentation of the new Citroën C5 at the Paris Motor Show.
The C4 Saloon and C4 Coupé are the stars of the  Paris Motor Show in september.

Models of Citroën: 2005Models of CitroŽn
The C3 - first launched in 2002 - tops the one million mark in worldwide sales in July.
Presentation of C1. Its compact size, attractive price and essential features place it at the entry level of the segment . 
Presentation of the new Concept-cars C-Sportlounge and C-Airplay .
Presentation of the Citroën C6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.